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Patient Advice sheet – steroid injection therapy

  • How does the injection work?
  • The injection acts to reduce inflammation and therefore helping to reduce pain.
  • Will it get rid of my pain forever?
  • The injection is successful in 60-70% of cases.
  • What is in the injection?
  • Steroid and local anaesthetic.
  • How many injections can I have?
  • We do not like to give too many injections. You will have one or 2 injections only.
  • What are the side effects?
  • (1) Post injection flare – this involves temporary increase of pain with occasional swelling and local heat. Analgesia and Ice packs may help.
  • (2) Skin discolouration and thinning at site of injection.
  • (3) Loss of diabetic control – there may be transient loss of sugar control. It is important to monitor sugar levels for up to 2 weeks after your injection.
  • (4) Allergy – this is a very rare reaction.
  • (5) Tendon rupture – this is more likely with repeated injections rather than one or 2.
  • (6) Facial flushing – This may last for 1-2 days.
  • (7) Menstrual irregularity – this is very rare.
  • What should I do or expect after the injection?
  • Continue to use your arm within your comfort level. Continue physio when able.
  • The injection may start working 1-2days later and can take up to 3 weeks
  • You will be reviewed in clinic approximately 6 weeks after the injection.